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At PhD Dental, we offer the most comprehensive and compassionate approach to dentistry in the Los Angeles area. When you visit one of our offices, in addition to receiving expert dental care, you will be treated like a family member!

Our wide array of strategic approaches to establishing and maintaining long-term dental health includes general dentistry, orthodontics (Invisalign and braces), and preventative care to name a few. Our diverse dental skillset includes, implant, pediatric, family and cosmetic dentistry.

At this time, we have 4 locations serving the Greater Los Angeles area. Our flagship office is located in Inglewood on Crenshaw Blvd, just north of Imperial Hwy and the 105 Freeway. We provide affordable dental care using state of the art equipment delivered by our highly trained dental personnel. We have special financing options to help all patients and families receive the dental care they need.

Your teeth are in good hands at PhD Dental!

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Our Services

Emergency Care

At PhD Dental, we offer emergency dental care. We understand that teeth pain is extremely excruciating and we are here to help you when you need us.


Kids Dentist

We believe that community harmony begins with the health of its inhabitants. Our affordable dental services and state-of-the-art practices are catered to your entire family.

Your child’s dental health begins with proper maintenance of their primary teeth, also known as, baby teeth, until they are naturally lost. Healthy habits, including brushing, flossing and fluorides, and dental education are something to stress early on in your child’s life. This will help prevent the vicious cycle of cavities and fillings, as they grow older.

Proper dental health is crucial for young children because it plays a role in their ability to properly chew food, therefore impacting their nutrition. In addition, their teeth play a role in speech development and their ability to pronounce words correctly. For parents of babies and toddlers, we will also educate you on proper thumb, finger and pacifier habits.

In more ways than one, monitoring and maintaining your child’s teeth is crucial for their development.

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Cosmetic Dentistry

Recent advances in dental technology have resulted in quicker and more affordable, cosmetic dental procedures to become available. If you are interested in a “smile makeover” or fixing anything about your teeth, then prepare to smile!

The age-old dilemma of how to effectively whiten discolored teeth has been solved by laser whitening. This painless, in-office procedure can change your teeth multiple shades whiter in about an hour. If your pearly whites just aren’t white anymore, we have your solution. No do-it-yourself whitening strips required.

If you have teeth that are not meeting your standards for appearance, dental veneers are ultra-thin composite or porcelain laminates that are secured to your teeth. This is a painless, and relatively affordable, procedure that can save any set of teeth. You will be smiling confidently in photographs again!

We offer Invisalign to transparently align teeth, and braces straighten them the traditional way.

Tooth reshaping is a potentially quick and easy repair for cracked, crooked or chipped teeth. In addition, dental bonding involves composite to be added to the tooth and sculpted into shape.

We have special financing options to help all patients receive the cosmetic dental procedures they desire.

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A healthy and confident smile will not only deliver cosmetic benefits and other improvements such as increased self-esteem, but medical benefits as well. At PhD Dental, our highly trained dental team can implement the necessary orthodontic braces to correctly align your teeth, so you can have the smile you’ve always dreamed of.

Your teeth are an important aspect of the first impression you convey, and may even be considered a strong reflection of your personality. Having a straight and healthy smile can be very beneficial to your personal and professional life.

A correctly aligned bite can also prevent future dental problems from inflicting your teeth, mouth, gums and jaw. For example, periodontal disease is an infection around the teeth, gums and supporting bones, which can be caused by crowding of the teeth. Braces will correctly space the teeth and can help prevent periodontal disease from occurring.

Call our office today at (323) 777-7420 to schedule an appointment and learn more about braces!

Family Dentistry

Consider yourself a member of our family from the moment you step into our Inglewood office. We have been serving the diverse dental needs of our surrounding Inglewood and Los Angeles community for years. We welcome patients of all ages, from toddlers to seniors.

Our multi-faceted dental office offers an affordable, new patient check-up package, including exam, x-ray and cleaning. If fillings are needed, our dental specialists will restore the compromised portion of your tooth.

In addition to offering braces starting at $99 per month, we offer Invisalign, to straighten teeth and revitalize smiles and jaw health. As opposed to traditional wire and bracket braces, their completely transparent aligners are more comfortable and aesthetic, and according to some studies, may straighten your teeth faster.

Our additional cosmetic procedures, including veneers, will repair imperfect or damaged teeth. Veneers involve a thin layer of dental porcelain or composite placed over the existing tooth, to improve its appearance or repair it.

We have special financing options to help all patients and families receive the dental care they need.

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Root canals

Our dentists specializes in root canals.


Missing teeth or wearing dentures can be an uncomfortable, and sometimes embarrassing, experience. However, do not fret, there is a perfect solution called dental implants — and PhD Dental is here to help!

Dental implants are a procedure to replace weak or missing teeth. They are a permanent solution and immensely popular alternative to dentures or other types of procedures for replacing lost teeth.

Unlike dentures, dental implants don’t wiggle, slip or dislodge. This provides a more comfortable experience for the patient, and is healthier for the mouth and gums. Our dental specialists will insert a miniature post, or root device, beneath the gum to provide a new foundation for your new tooth. This post is made of titanium to ensure long-term strength and performance.

You will then be custom-fitted with a crown, or artificial tooth, that matches the look and feel of your smile. Say goodbye to missing teeth or dentures, and hello to your new smile!

Starting at $395, dental implants can be fitted for just one tooth, or multiple teeth. Call PhD Dental today at (323) 777-7420 for your dental implant consultation.

General Dentistry

Having a great, healthy smile involves not only proper oral maintenance by you, but visiting the right dentist for routine check-ups and cleanings.

Phd Dental has the high-tech instruments and tools needed to gently clean your teeth and gums, and protect your mouth from harmful bacteria.

Our modern digital x-rays will instantly provide clear images of your mouth that can be viewed on an LCD monitor. This not only helps us make quicker diagnoses, but allows us to educate your easier about your teeth and gums. In most cases, we are able to point out instances of tooth decay to you immediately.

Proper maintenance and regular dental visits are crucial for preventing tooth decay and gum disease (periodontal disease). The earlier these are discovered, the easier they are to treat.

PhD Dental will make sure that all your general dental needs are met.

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Meet Our Doctors

Dr. Ori Levy

Dr. Ori Levy

Ori Levy, D.D.S., is a board-certified periodontist who is committed to helping you achieve and maintain excellent periodontal health. Dr. Levy graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles with a B.A. degree in Economics. Continuing his education at UCLA, Dr. Levy obtained his dental degree in 2005. Dr. Levy received his periodontal graduate certification from the Greater Los Angeles Veteran Affairs Healthcare System in West Los Angeles. During his specialty training, he conducted advanced research on dental implants.  In 2009, Dr. Levy became a diplomat of the American Board of Periodontology. A diplomat is a periodontist who has made significant achievements beyond the mandatory educational requirements of the specialty and who is certified by the American Board of Periodontology. Dr. Levy is a member of the following professional organizations: American Academy of Periodontology, Academy of Osseointegration, California Society of Periodontists, California Dental Association, and the American Dental Association.


Dr. Ori Levy

Periodontics & Implant Dentist
Dr. Fereshteh Yousefzadeh

Dr. Fereshteh Yousefzadeh

Dr. Fereshteh Yousefzadeh, holds a degree from USC, a Doctor of Dental Surgery from UCLA and has the professional credentials of DDS, MSD. She specializes in Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics.



Dr. Fereshteh Yousefzadeh


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What Our Patients Say About Us

Playhouse dental is somewhere that I recommend highly. First of all Dr. Bina is one of the most sweet caring intelligent dentist that I have ever encountered. He knows his job and he is the best. My whole family comes here and I have three young kids that have all had very positive experiences. He’s not out to get your money. He’s so honest and I would never change to another dentist. I have referred several people to him and all have come back very very happy.

Samantha C. Culver City, CA

Thank you very much for the wonderful service you provided me, and the wonderful treatment I experienced with your team.
I was very satisfied with the entire process, and the information shared in regards to the much needed cleaning I needed, the X-rays that showed my shortcomings with flossing, and the new regiment of what I’ll be following to keep a beautiful and healthy smile. I’ll be recommending you all as my GOTO for dental exams and cleanings. Thank you Again PhD Dental and Dr. Korouri!

Mathew O. Playa Del Rey, CA

I am very pleased with my visit to playhouse dental. This dental office is very clean and the staff is very professional. I had 2 cavities and needed a cleaning, which were all taken care of the same day. I recommended my coworker to this office and she was happy with this place as well.

Samira N. Studio City, CA

Love this place!!! Worked with all my family members!!! Dr. Bina is the best as well!!! He makes all the children laugh in the office

Jason V. Santa Monica, CA

For years I was afraid to visit the dentist until I came across PhD Dental Group. They have the nicest staff and I recommend them to anyone looking for a dentist. A+ service.

Christopher M. Inglewood, CA

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